Why Team Liquid?
With this animation I was inspired by the "Liquid" part of the name "Team Liquid", and used a particle animation to represent two water drops. The water drops enter the scene and do an elegant twist around each other until they eventually meet up at the middle and collide in a water explosion, which in turn forms the logotype. The logotype is also meant to resemble a sea horse, so i thought it quite fitting.
This was the first animation that I created at the start of my animation project. My idea at the start was to make shorter animations, and that is also reflected in the lenght of this one. I had just started learning about how you can use created paths to direct particle effects in certain ways, and I used this newfound knowledge to create this animation. At the beginning it was simply the two water particles colliding, but I later added the two ring explosions to better mask the entrance of the logotype.
Above. The animation before it had the explosion rings.
Below you can find a mockup for the animation, where you can see an example of how and where it can be applied.
Above. Mockup for the Team Liquid Animation.
 Above. Mockup for the Team Liquid animation in still frame.

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